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Reliable Quality together with LGS Elevator Korea
LGS members are committed to being the most reliable name in the field of Vertical transportation with long 30years experience of our expertise.
We have experienced the product export to more than 50 countries like East/west Asia,
Middle East Asia, Russian countries and South America and we are still export our product to them.

Infrared beam light curtain protection system
LGS elevator gives first priority to the personnel safety. With sensitive and concentrative infrared light curtain, it forms optical curtain protection safety net at the elevator
door. It sensitively reacts to any person or object that enters into the probing plane.

Security and Convenience with RF Card Access system
Use of Building Access Cards to work with the elevator call button and the user ID in the Building Access Cards will automatically register a call to provide convenience to
residents, as well as preventing any non-authorized outsider gain access to the building.

Excellent car ride
Using the gearless machine with high quality disk brake, provides a smooth and noiseless ride

Enjoy smooth and pleasant riding with Luxury Car Interior
The advanced VVVF control technology applies to the door-motor system makes door starting, speeding up, braking curves smooth.
LGS Elevator’s differentiated Luxury Car interior design will give you comfortable trip in car.

Energy Saving & Green Technology
High performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless traction machine
Excellence driving performance, more high-efficient running smart figure with convenient layout saves at least 10% construction area compared with the same load geared elevator,
it saves about 50% electric energy.

Energy Regenerating technology (Regen-System)
Through energy feedback device, electric energy converted by potential energy produced when in elevator running gives back to the grid for the use of other electrical equipment
in the building. This device could save up to 60% electric energy efficiently.

LED Energy-Saving lighting in car
Adopt Long-life LED light to save 80% energy saving than conventional tube lighting under the same condition.

Automatic Ventilation and lighting control system in car
Turn-off ventilation and lighting if there is no call time (adjustable)
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1579-4, Gomo-ri, Jillye-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea